Chum Chums Journey Updates

Chum Chums
3 min readMay 2, 2022

Hi Chums,

Firstly, thank you for the continued support and for being part of our community. We’re incredibly grateful that you’re on this journey with us. 💙

I think we can all agree it’s been a strange time in NFT land of late. It’s hard to believe it’s only been just over three weeks since we sold out! We don’t know how the space is going to move now the Otherside launch is over. What we do know is that we are laser focused on our individual journey. One that we will roll out with integrity and our values intact.

Since launching, we’ve realised the true potential of the Chum Chums brand and IP. We wholeheartedly believe Chum Chums can become a recognised brand in modern day pop culture. Our short term focus is on commercialising Chum Chums, in order to set ourselves up for long term success.

The brand will be a continuation of our inspirations behind the original collection, and play on nostalgic, fun, and adventurous vibes. With our motto being “relax and fun”.

Most importantly, our plans are authentic and realistic. Hype is fickle, and essentially does not make for a lasting project. We’re working on building something of value, with social, emotional, and real world utility. It’s about togetherness, community interactions, and execution. Not inflationary tokenomics wrapped in mediocre gameplay. We strongly believe the meta is changing, and we want to be in front of it.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:


🦄 We are working with a team of branding consultants, writers, illustrators, musicians, and comic artists, to evolve and bring our brand identity and the Chums world to life. Our aim is to position the project as commercially viable, but most importantly to tell a story and connect with people emotionally. Sneak peaks will be shared as we progress through this exploration, and we’ll be seeking community involvement throughout the process.


🦄 Over the coming days, we are overhauling our Discord, consolidating unused channels, and kicking off a stream of community games and events. Get your thinking caps on and pens ready!

🦄 Community rewards in the form of artist airdrops, chums giveaways, and allowlists spots are ongoing. We will be introducing more fun ways for different trait holders to win airdrops and other perks. The next artist airdrop is ready and will be released soon 👀


🦄 We have progressed plans for Metaverse integration and have purchased NFT Worlds plot #2572. We are also in discussions with three other Metaverse integration partners, and ultimately want to create spaces for the community to hang out, have fun, enjoy and explore.

🦄 We are working on other web2 and web3 partnerships to further increase our visibility and brand equity. Discussions are in place across all avenues including IRL events (did I hear you say NFT NYC 👀), merch, and more.


🦄 There’s nothing more nostalgic than real life collectibles, and we are exploring a whole world of products including books, comics, toys, and merch… some samples have been ordered and we’ll be enjoying the experience of testing out which materials are the softest, plushiest and the chummiest.

🦄 We welcome the community’s ideas and imagination of where we can take the Chum Chums brand physically! We’re excited to help bridge the gap between real world products and NFTs, and help bring more visibility to our ecosystem through cool products.

With a strong core brand, and freedom for holders to build alongside us using their commercial licence, the potential for a ‘real world, and web3 brand’ is limitless. Innovation is ultimately born through collaboration, creativity and perseverance. Together we can shape the future of Chum Chums.

This is only the beginning.

Going forward we will be sharing specific project updates with the community for you to keep track of items at idea stage, in progress, and complete.




Chum Chums

Chum Chums is a collection of 5700 cute and friendly NFTs, with a mission to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.