Introducing Chum Chums

Chum Chums
2 min readJan 28, 2022

Chum Chums is a collection of 10,000 cute and friendly NFTs, with a mission to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. They are generated from over 200+ traits with varying rarities inspired by kawaii culture.

The founders and the artist

Hi 👋 we are the founders of Chum Chums. We have been running a remote digital marketing agency for the past five years, working predominantly with fintech companies and innovative startups. Our true passions, however, lie in tech, art, music, gaming and culture. Fortunately, we stumbled upon the world of NFT’s. 🙌

We reached out to an incredible artist we know and love in the NFT space to help us bring our vision for Chum Chums to life. Winai (Jack) Namwong is an illustrator, animator and tattoo artist based in Thailand. Winai is also the creator behind the much loved Simplecat NFTs. We share similar values and his style of work perfectly fits the vision we had for the project.

Note: this is not a Simplecat generative collection. Winai (Jack) has helped us to bring the Chum Chums character to life and will be working alongside us on Chum Chums related artwork.

The inspiration

We are both huge fans of Japanese kawaii characters. Growing up surrounded by Pokémon, Miffy, Pochacco, and other gaming characters, our love for this world runs deep.

We have also been inspired by the connections and friendships we have made in this space. We wanted to create a character that embodies feelings of companionship, family, and love, which has resulted in each Chum hugging its own little Chum.

There is a Chum for everyone, and we hope this art brings everyone a sense of positivity, love, and joy. Our goal is to build an open, kind, inclusive community where everyone can make ‘chums’ for life and form meaningful, long-lasting connections.

The roadmap

Everything we do will reflect our core values:

  • Community
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Culture
  • Collaboration

Whether it’s through creative brand partnerships (think merch, comics, animated shows, or even games), community events, giveaways, and other fun activities, and empowering, educating, and collaborating with other members of the community to grow the brand and lift each other up.

We have a lot of ideas, but we don’t want to set anything in stone or over promise so we can remain agile and do what’s best for the community at any given time. Some of the ideas we are working on include an education platform, a community launchpad/incubator, a whole world of merch and collectibles, IRL events, and much more.

The release date

March 2022

We will continue to update you and share details about the project. For now, follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks and information on access to Discord and our Chums List (allowlist).



Chum Chums

Chum Chums is a collection of 5700 cute and friendly NFTs, with a mission to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.